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If you need a sprinkler system to maintain the grass, flowers, and trees that grace your lawn, rely on Planet Green for professional sprinkler system installation in Spring, Texas. Call us today at (281) 940-3425 for a free estimate.

Our sprinkler services include system design and installation, as well as:

Healthy Lawn in Spring, Texas

Underground Sprinkler System Design: Spring, TX

Let us start by designing a sprinkler system that meets all of your needs from the size and scope of your property to the grass, flowers, and trees that require watering. Know that our business success is due in part to the excellence that results from our sprinkler system design in Spring, Texas, and surrounding communities.

The key component of design is efficient water use. We maximize the impact of the water sprayed, while minimizing the amount required for a thriving yard. It is our job to design the system so that your lawn or grounds look lush and inviting, using the least possible quantity of water, thus conserving natural resources and saving you money.

Savings on Irrigation Installation Services: Spring, Texas

Our sprinkler services in Spring, Texas, save you money because the water is applied precisely when and where it is needed. An underground system also supplies you with the needed reach to spray every nook and cranny, so there are no brown patches in your lawn or dried-up flowers.

Underground Sprinkler System Installation: Spring Texas

After the designs are completed and approved, the expert technicians at Planet Green go to work installing your sprinkler system. The first thing we do is contact the utility companies so they can mark where the power and cable lines run. Then, we follow Texas state requirements to put in a backflow prevention device, which stops water from overflowing and contaminating the community's drinking water supply.

Now, it's time to dig! Planet Green is committed to providing you with sprinkler system installation in Spring, Texas, that gives you the most benefits. That is why we install underground sprinkler systems. Such sprinkler systems are so convenient — just set the controls for when and where, and you do not have to worry about a thing!

Let us help your yard to grow and bloom with health and color. Contact us today for sprinkler services in Spring, Texas. We also serve The Woodlands, Conroe, Tomball, Magnolia, Cypress, Klein, and Oakridge North.